Carbon Cat

  • Light Weight
  • High-tech Carbon Fiber Composite Construction
  • Great Tracking Under Power and Rowing
  • Stable, Smooth, Dry Ride
  • Not Inflatable! No Punctures, or Leaks
  • Optional Wheels for Easy Beach Landings

A tender to last a lifetime

Carbon Cats are rugged, versatile and amazingly stable to drive

The efficient design means Carbon Cats require less horsepower to achieve the same speeds as other tenders. Lightweight durable construction means you can carry more weight in the boat without overloading it. 

Three Models to Choose from — T9 (9’2′), T10 (10’2″), T11 (11’2″).

Aspen Carbon Cat with three people inside

Ultra Light Weight Durable Tender

Splash Free – Adventure Ready

Unique hullform

Our hybrid cat hull cuts through the water with a narrow entry forward but is remarkably stable and efficient with a wide catamaran section aft.

Easy Loading

The stability of the hull makes it easy to load people, pets, and gear without excessive healing and rolling.

Light Weight

Quality Carbon Fiber construction means the boats are durable and light. Pull them up on a beach or ramp or stow them onboard. (wheels and davits optional)